What our clients say about us

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Andrew H.5

Owner at Private Health and Fitness Business

“There are exactly two ad buying teams I trust with my own money; my in-house team, and Josh Bretag and Cubatica. In an industry filled with fast-talking (but largely incompetent) ad teams, it’s obvious Josh and his team walk the walk.

In a fifteen-minute phone call he was able to give me enough conversion optimization ideas to reliably double my bottom line. Passing up his expertise could easily be the biggest (and most expensive) mistake you ever make as an entrepreneur.”

Daniel Scott5

CEO Peak Life Publishing

You guys have totally turned performance marketing around for Peanut in the past couple months and I’m truly thrilled with the results (as is the rest of the team).

Jen Rapp5

Head of Marketing at Peanut App

Joshua really helped form the foundation of my knowledge of growth marketing when I joined Wonderbly.

He is very hard working, was always quick to respond and was keen to answer any questions I had.

He helped our team acquire new growth channels and constantly kept us in the loop about getting ahead of the competition in our established channels. All-round great guy. It was a pleasure working with him.

David Darwish5

Growth Marketer at Wonderbly

Josh is a sharp thinking digital marketer with a tonne of experience around channel growth and optimisation.

I was impressed by his contribution to a marketing community we were both part of and then delighted to hire Josh to support our incredible growth at Wonderbly in 2015.

His can-do, will-do attitude is a great credit to himself and benefit to those he works with.

Depesh Mandalia is also VP Performance Marketing / Marketing Director at Pact Coffee

Depesh Mandalia5

Head of Digital / Performance Marketing at Wonderbly

Josh was instrumental in helping my company pivot in a very timely manner from a bad vertical to a seriously good value proposition. He helped us do this by making quick introductions through his contacts in other verticals and convinced us through proper market research.

I was quite impressed with his vision assessment, penetrative thinking, depth and articulate analysis of unfamiliar markets and technology!

Nasir Ahsan5

Director at Abyss Solutions

I had the pleasure of working alongside Josh for the past 7 months within the performance marketing team at Wonderbly.

A true growth hacker, Josh is always looking for the next idea to test. He understands the importance of a rigorous testing methodology and how to analyse post-campaign results to determine best next steps.

Anne Thouas5

Head of Awareness Marketing at Wonderbly

Josh is a very talented and and exceptional CRO expert. As a contributor to Experiment Engine, his work quality stands out among the best . He consistently brings great ideas to the table with thoughtful, beautiful design.

Andra Bond is also Director of Client Success at Experiment Engine

Andra Bond5

Now Program Manager at Apple

I don’t give out praise that often, even after reading how to win friends and influence people I still struggle when it comes to website development praise.

Working as the sales team leader at U college the sometimes fraught relationship between sales and marketing was in that instance nonexistent, as Josh was adaptable, affable and available.

Josh sees every challenge as a new opportunity for innovation and improvement, and his contribution to the company extended much further than his role as Director of Marketing. I found Josh to have a fantastic hunger for knowledge and improvement, to be extremely focused and engaged, and he’s a genuinely nice bloke to work with.

Richard Blombery 5

Sales Team Manager at U College

I don’t give out praise that often, even after reading how to win friends and influence people I still struggle when it comes to website development praise.

I have such high standards now when it comes to websites that its been the biggest thorn trying to move my business forward and finding someone to replace me as a lead developer. I’ve used India and the Philippines, I’ve even been through my share of local companies. I’ve crafted the brief and spent countless hours tearing my hair out time and time again – This is despite paying top money for what have recommend time and time again as experts and great developers.

Until today. For the first time in two years I have viewed a website from a developer, pulled it apart and sat back to process

Now given that the site was pushed back – Due to some horrific world news recently and given that I was VERY skeptical over the delivery of the site knowing it was coming from such a location I was prepared to overlook the missed deadline on this occasion.
The reason I am saying this is because yes there were a few bugs that you would expect to find during testing but they were very small and the attention to detail took me back, I was not expecting this level of build.

Now I make a big thing of this here because it was through this group that I connected with this individual and I feel that they deserve the spotlight for delivering what I would consider to be an exceptional website (remember this is the first time I have praised anybody on a build … ever)
not to mention it was done within budget and just over a very ambitious deadline.
Overall Joshua Bretag I can’t recommend you highly enough mate and given this result I will certainly be recommending you for all my future projects.
Awesome effort.

Steve Woody5

Founder at Online Mastery Limited

Your websites are beautiful btw You’ve shared some of your work in groups I am with and it’s some of the best I’ve seen!

AJ McClary5

User Experience Lead at Federal Bureau of Investigation

After a number of failed attempts to get our website off the ground Josh and his team came to the rescue. They constructed a clear outline of stages and when the stages would be completed.

They were always available to answer any question before, during and after production. Josh explains things in simple terms and gives idea that we would have never thought of. I would highly recommend Josh and his team to anyone who needs a quality website completed on time and on budget. Josh is a complete professional yet friendly and easy to talk to. Amazing service!

Constaintine Koutsikas5

Systems Administrator / IT manager SA at United Voice

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joshua Bretag for a few years now and have had the benefit of his insightful knowledge of all this online marketing.

He has a brilliant ability to plan systems and find the absolute right person for a role every time. You will not go wrong doing business with Josh and his team.

Leigh Kostiainen5

General Manager at Active Mobile Apps

Josh and his team did what I felt (at the time) was near impossible to achieve in just 4 weeks! Josh has proven that he is a trafficmaster by virtue of the multiple #1 ranking results he has achieved for my business for a variety of keywords.

I now know that if I stop talking and listen to Josh’s advice then I will have no other choice but to succeed. Thanks Josh – You ROCK!

Peter Reginald5

Founder at Your PC Matters

Josh and his team were fantastic… Your patience and your willingness to work around my inconsistent schedule is a rare trait and was a great contributor to the quality of the end product.

I would and have suggested Josh and his team to work associates looking to professionalise their online presence.

Nathan Smith5

Managing Partner at National Civil & Civic Services

Finding an amazing manager for my online business was one of the easiest things that ever happened to me.

After talking to Joshua Bretag, he managed to provide me with the exact person that I needed to run my business.

My new manager is just AWESOME and I could not have hoped for anyone better! And I thank Joshua and his outstanding outsourcing business for making all this possible.

Gideon Shalwick5

Co-Founder at Veeroll

We’re shifting all our work to Josh.

The guy is a wizard on huge, complex back end solutions! Awesome to work with such a pro.

Toby Street5

Partner at Unity Group

Joshua and his team are conversion czars. I run a conversion focused agency myself and these are the guys my team often taps for help when we run into an issue we can’t figure out in house.

Steen Daar5

Demand generation & marketing Manager at Road To Status

“Hi Josh, I just want to drop you a line to say thank you. Without your intervention in helping me to set up my own systems, I think I may have lost my business. Your knowledge of those systems was extensive and your patience was amazing. You always listened first then gave suggestions. You were accepting of the little changes we made after the initial setup.

You were always encouraging me along the way, which was so helpful in keeping up my optimism that I could achieve my goal. I am very proud of the new set up and work is flooding in due to the real estate agents are amazed at the efficiency of that system. I would not hesitate in letting everyone know how brilliant your services are.”

Neil Cole5

Founder at Inspector Pest

Engaging Josh to undertake my project, has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. His knowledge and passion really shines once he gets to work!!

From the word go Josh and his team hit the ground running, my project was completed on time and on cost. The feedback from his work has only been positive.

Most importantly I am absolutely wrapped with the service and work provided. Josh and his team is going to get more work from me and my referrals.

Armando Paradiso5

Founder at UNiQ stone

Over the years we’ve seen lots of web designers, consultants and SEO people come and go. Most promise the world but sadly deliver very little.

Joshua Bretag is different. We first met him at a marketing seminar and we were impressed by his enthusiasm and dedication. What separates him from the others is his ability to instantly comprehend what you want (there’s no need to explain yourself 100 times) and then deliver in a short timeframe. We’re not kidding, it’s not unusual for him to return a project completed in a few hours when others take more than a month.

Josh is an expert at systems. He makes us look bad with his incredible organisational skills and an uncanny ability to manage multiple tasks. He has since become a lynchpin in our business and is our “go to” guy when we need website stuff completely quickly and professionally.

Evan Spargo5

Director Channels ANZ at Oracle

In the ever changing world of digital marketing, your people need to be up to date and across all aspects of the many platforms available.

Joshua was an Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua customer of mine while he was at Upskilled and U College. Joshua has a rare mix of skills, he understands and has a deep level of knowledge in many aspects of marketing technology AND he understands marketing in this digital world.

From an Eloqua point of view, Joshua’s knowledge of the platform, Release 10, is outstanding. You would be hard pressed throwing a challenge at him and him not being able to deliver the result you want.

Derek Bell5

Director at Marketing Cube

Josh is an exceptionally clever digital marketer who has ensured I am up to speed with the best technical online practices, custom to our industry’s quirks and our company’s needs. Josh has been integral to the implementation of marketing tracking, analytics and reporting allowing me to clearly show marketing ROI with ease.

Josh has a wealth of experience across the digital marketing landscape that could only be considered of high value to any marketing manager.

Megan Greig5

Group Marketing Manager at Amicus

I was in immediate need of an Office Auto Pilot expert for a launch I was doing and was so fortunate to have been given a recommendation to Joshua.

He worked all through the night to help me ensure my launch went off without any problems. Since then he has continued to work to ensure a seamless integration of my old systems to this new one. I would highly recommend him.

Melonie Dodaro5

CEO at Top Dog Social Media

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh (joint client) and hiring him for a project (website development). Josh is very knowledgeable and has the experience to offer some very clever tailored solutions that other companies just miss.

He is very easy to work with and meets all of his deadlines and promises, and I have found him to be more than willing to offer help and expertise across all areas of IT with some fantastic results. I would definitely recommend him for an IT based project, or website that you are looking to achieve fantastic results with

Lisa Askwith5

Director at APEX BRS

Joshua and his team are an amazing asset to any business. Hardworking, thinks outside the box and always has innovative solutions. His knowledge on anything digital is outstanding.

His knowledge on anything digital (website, digital marketing, apps) is outstanding, and he is able to use his business acumen to make sure that any solution is within budget and extremely effective!

Varant Bomoushakian5

CEO at Luana Technology

Working with Josh on lead generation has been a fun and highly rewarding experience.

His expertise in conversion optimisation combined with a solid data-driven approach helped triple conversion rate resulting in more leads and lower CPA from paid search. Highly recommend if you are serious about increasing leads.

Alban Guillemot5

Director at Fullsteam Consulting

I had the pleasure of having Joshua take part in my Google Tag Manager training. He always impressed with valuable feedback and suggestions on how to make Implementations more efficient and improve the training.

He clearly already surpassed the level of an advanced Google Tag Manager practitioner, so I’m confident he will be able to help any future clients with his skills. I’m delighted to recommend Joshua to anyone who is looking for advanced Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics implementations.

Juilan Juenemann5

Founder at Measure School

E-commerce is fraught with people who promise a lot and deliver a little. Josh and his team are efficient and effective. I use them every time I can because it lowers my spend and increases any web/marketing ROI by several factors.

Oscar Hillerstrom5

Director of Communications U College

Joshua Bretag is an incredibly experienced marketer, capable of working in challenging environments.

He joined Wonderbly in high season and immediately brought results as well as guidance for the members of the marketing team.

Josh is the full package: he combines the hands-on knowledge of paid channels with the strategist mindset. If you’re looking for someone to take your marketing strategy to the next level and multiply results, look no further and hire Josh today

(Shira Feuer was previously Head of Digital at Walt Disney and Burberry)

Shira Feuer5

VP of Marketing Wonderbly

Joshua Bretag is a super smart guy. I invited him to present at my mastermind roundtable and he made my members’ jaws drop. If you’re a 7 figure business looking for help with conversion rate optimisation, automation and really going deep into your numbers… speak to this guy. In the “Wild West” of today’s digital marketing, he’s one of the rare few who gets it.

Scott Bywater5

Founder at Copywriting That Sells

If tomorrow I needed to spend $100k on FB, I’d be calling Josh too.

Jusin Brooke5

Founder of AdSkills.com

Big shoutout to Josh and his team for putting together some awesome work for us in record time and over-delivering on what was asked! Appreciate it Josh (and team).

Hayley Genovesi5

Marketing and Publicity at Fox Sports Australia

“Massive thanks for what you’ve done for us Josh. I do not believe we’d be here now without you – I will never forget my fist pump early Feb 2016 when I got a great guy to lead our Facebook marketing charge, and it’s off that charge the early traction and scale to raise the rounds across 2016, build the story and so forth. The rest is history.”

Steve Reid5

Co-founder at Simba Sleep

Josh is super-experienced with scaling startups from the ground up and launched Waldo in the UK with an impressively low CPA. His passion, experience and team behind him enabled us to continually optimise and learn quickly during that crucial product-market fit stage. I’m thankful for his advice and guidance on not just paid-social but wider digital marketing activities across the funnel.

Jonathan Sadler5

Digital Marketing Manager at Waldo

“I’d rather deal with you, because they have heard you’re the best – probably better than my own individual agency.

The reality is, I think you’re better than they are.”

Charles Saatchi5

Founder at M&C Saatchi

Joshua is an adept CRO with in-depth data collection and analysis skills. He manages projects diligently with a great attention to detail and rarely misses a deadline. I would recommend him to any business looking to increase their conversion rate and profits with conversion rate optimization.

Giles Adam Thomas5

Founder at Acquireconvert

I’m overall very pleased with my experience working with Josh and his team to build my own custom forum. This has been a long-term project that has finally come to fruition, and it’s made my job as an online trainer so much easier and more fun than I ever could have anticipated. Josh and his team were able to perfectly encapsulate the essence of my brand in the look and feel of the forums, and they’ve been quick to make technical changes per our request. Thank you!

Sohee Lee5

Founder at Sohee Fit

Joshua Bretag is an incredibly experienced marketer, capable of working in challenging environments. He joined Lost My Name in high season and immediately brought results as well as guidance for the members of the marketing team.

Josh is the full package: he combines the hands-on knowledge of paid channels with the strategist mindset. If you’re looking for someone to take your marketing strategy to the next level and multiply results, look no further and hire Josh today.

Gianluca Trombetta5

Technical Product Manager for Business Intelligence at Wonderbly

I’ve worked with hundreds of CRO professionals and Joshua Bretag is hands down one of the best conversion rate optimizers in the industry.

Having graduated from Peep Laja’s CXL course I knew he would be good but good is an understatement.

Joshua’s CRO work has increased our clients’ conversions, average session duration and they love the new designs (which sometimes is more important to them than conversions).

If you are looking for an extremely talented, data driven, and expert conversion rate optimizer, I highly recommend Joshua Bretag.

Luiz Centenaro5

VP of Commerce at Hammock Town

When I looked at experts to help us improve our conversion rate and generate more leads, Josh came highly recommended from different people. I quickly understood why. Josh lives and breathes conversion rate optimisation. He has worked on improving our conversion and traffic across all of our inbound marketing channels.

He implements a tested and successful process that gets results. Plus he knows so many actors in this industry that he just enables you to go 200kph when you were just cruising at 50kph.

The added benefit about Josh is that he is marketing smart (and I don’t mean the podcast here). He got our brand voice and positioning right away. For example, when he suggests creative for our social media ads, it saves us a lot time.

Overall, he genuinely likes to help us even if means working beyond his Statement Of Work (SOW). It makes him a real pleasure to work with.

Laurent Soulat5

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Amicus

Joshua worked with us at Lost My Name for over 6 months and delivered tons of value.

He’s a diligent and methodical growth hacker with vast experience in every possible performance and acquisition channel. He’s detailed and tenacious and obsessed with growth and optimisation. Not only has he helped us diversify our channels and grow, he educated and mentored the team and made everyone more operationally disciplined.

Even though he worked remotely (like, very remotely) he was always super responsive – the guy just never sleeps!

Asi Sharabi5

CEO / Co-Founder of Wonderbly (LostmyName)

As a marketer who’s “been there, done that, been burnt”, our experience with Josh was AMAZING.

I hired Josh for a client of mine, who needed a website redesign (desperately!).

We greatly enjoyed Josh’s insights on the business overall, facebook ads, general marketing etc.

It was great to see Josh & team’s beautiful work.

Within 2 weeks of implementing, we saw between a 10-20% conversion rate lift, which far more than justified our initial investment.

If you’re struggling with growing your business and choose to grow by creating a WOW! experience across your site and your marketing, I’d highly recommend Josh & Team. They gave us a WOW! experience.

He has very detailed knowledge of vendors in the entire marketing stack, can share with you the best way to drive further ROI/revenue, and is actually a nice guy to boot.

David Jaeger5

CEO / Founder of Global SEM Partners

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