How We Helped Sell1.2+ Million Booksin Under 6 Months

We came on board during a crisis point for Wonder.bly as their previous team left them high and dry. As a team, we helped them hit their biggest sales quarter of the year within 2 months, as well as surpassing their goals to sell 1 million books by selling 1.2 million books.

Starting Situation

Although Wonder.bly had an awesome custom book product, at the time they were left high and dry by their previous marketing team… and it looked like they wouldn’t be able to hit their quarterly goal of getting 1 million books sold.

Because a team member in Wonder.bly knew us from our work at Simba Sleep, they got in touch with us and asked if we’d be able to help them hit those numbers within a short time frame.


Within 6 weeks, we were able to surpass their goal and hit a record sales number for them at the time – 1.2 million books sold – using a combination of media buying on Facebook and strategic video and visual ads.

We also helped generate some considerable momentum for the coming year, with strategic online and TV ads, as well as help clean up their backend to improve ongoing growth.

Here’s a highlight reel of what we did

  • Clean-up & re-launch:We took an inventory of all non-performing campaigns, cleaned them out, and relaunched newly optimized campaigns.
  • Cut CPAs in half We put together a media buying plan that effectively sliced CPAs by more than half in just weeks
  • Optimized Internal TeamWe ran on-site training that helped optimize the internal team’s structure and help them work more effectively.
  • Helped launch a creative campaign:We helped conceptualize and direct aspects of the creative campaigns, including a highly popular video that ran online and on TV
  • Created a ‘precision targeting’ blueprint for their company: Josh personally jumped on a computer and began to do intensive research in their market.  He looked at everything from purchasing patterns, to where they hung out online and more. This allowed him to target their ads even more precisely and improve the results on the campaigns.
  • Increased sales through ad optimization: We ran hundreds of tests across multiple markets: images and copy were optimized for 6-8 new ads each week, and each market had 6-8 adsets live at any given time, across 17 countries.  This is part of what helped them sell 200k more books than they anticipated in just weeks.
  • Found a way to increase remarketing results Direct response started picking up (because of the data Josh found), so remarketing started working better
  • Made Processes More Efficient To Save Time: The team developed and implemented procedures that the Wonder.bly team adapted to, which reduced time spent on certain internal tasks, and ultimately freed up more time and space for the team.
  • Hyper-Vigilant Optimization and Segmentation: Regularly, we created 3-4 new segments based on anything from interests in children’s toys to preferences for baby product brands.
  • Weekly Reporting across all marketing channels We created and tracked weekly all marketing channels so we could target what was working and shift focuses to capitalize on the largest profit streams
  • Instagram + Pinterests: We put together a strategy, then organized and launched the instagram and pinterest accounts for Wonder.bly, as well as ran ads and boost sales until we transferred them to the internal marketing team.
  • Helped increase the effectiveness of the accountsThey needed results fast.  We helped run the account our to get them faster results than they would have seen if they tried to outsource it at that point.
  • Tuned in to their target customers buying behavior: Using audience lookalikes and video views, we retargeted ads to custom categories through Datalogix and Experian, based on offline buying behavior.
  • Increased daily spend by over 2.5x: Together with the marketing team, we increase daily spend from £100K to £250K at the height of Q4.

What did Wonder.bly think of working with us?Here’s what CEO and Co-Founder Asi had to say

Joshua and his team worked with us at Wonderbly for over 6 months and delivered tons of value.

They’re a team of diligent and methodical growth hackers with vast experience in every possible performance and acquisition channel.

Josh himself is detailed and tenacious and obsessed with growth and optimisation.
Not only have they helped us diversify our channels and grow, they educated and mentored the team and made everyone more operationally disciplined.

Even though they worked remotely (like, very remotely) they were always super responsive – the guy just never sleeps!

Asi Sharabi
Asi SharabiCEO of Wonderbly / Co Founder
We appreciate you too Asi.

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